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Mammoth Acoustic Blanket and Sections

Mammoth polyester insulation is the modern solution for creating quieter environments in homes and commercial buildings.

Mammoth Acoustic InsulationMammoth™ Acoustic Insulation provides both sound and thermal insulation to key areas of your home or commercial building.

Mammoth Acoustic Insulation products:

  • reduce sound intensity at all frequencies
  • reduce noise transfer between rooms and work spaces
  • provides thermal insulation, which may improve the energy efficiency of the space insulated
  • is safe and easy to handle

Mammoth Polyester insulation is the modern answer in acoustic insulation - creating quieter environments. It performs as an acoustic infill material by providing sound absorption within the cavity. Mammoth Acoustic insulation is very effective for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

As well as reducing noise transfer between rooms, Mammoth also provides thermal insulation which will improve the energy efficiency of the space insulated.

No precautions are required for handling Mammoth products; they will not cause irritation when touched or give off any fumes or odours.
Each Mammoth Acoustic blanket is 90mm thick, 580mm wide x 11495mm long. Each 900gsm pack contains two blankets.

Each Mammoth Acoustic section is 80mm thick, 560mm wide x 760mm long & 7 pieces per pack. 



There’s nothing worse than noise pollution in your own home. Using acoustic insulation in special areas will help keep the peace, whatever activities your household engages in.

  1. BETWEEN FLOORS – Use acoustic insulation to reduce sound transfer from one living level to another. Especially important for rooms above entertainment areas or split level dwellings.
  2. AROUND BATHROOMS – Some sounds are simply not meant to be heard elsewhere – including middle-of-the-night flushing. Insulate bathrooms with Mammoth acoustic insulation and retain your privacy.
  3. AROUND ENTERTAINMENT AREAS - You want great sound from your audio/visual system but not through the whole house.
  4. MUSIC ROOMS – Let your budding musician trumpet, drum or tap the piano keys to their hearts content without upsetting the neighbours.
  5. NURSERIES – Sound insulation for the bedrooms of very young children will help them sleep through without everyone having to pussyfoot around.



Mammoth has a range of specialist acoustic products that are used within a range of commercial buildings including office spaces, theatres, hospitals, schools and other public buildings. 

Panel Absorber: semi-rigid acoustic panels as a surface lining or HVAC ducting to reduce noise reverberation.

Bafflestack: used in ceiling plenum to reduce sound transmission between rooms/office

Ceiling Tiles: a lightweight polyester ceiling tile with high sound absorbancy.

Carpark Panel: to provide thermal and acoustic insulation for homes/offices above carparks

A Sustainable Choice

  • All Mammoth™ products are Red List Free - International Living Future Institute.
  • Manufactured within a carboNZero certified organisation.
  • Mammoth™ products contain recycled polyester fibres.  The recycled fibre used by Mammoth™ comes from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Recycling plastic protects the environment by keeping the carbon content locked up in the polyester fibre and reducing landfill waste.
  • Mammoth™ products are made in a near zero waste production process and all products are fully recyclable.

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