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Acoustic Insulation at Orange Studio

Orange Studio worked with the Mammoth team on insulating the studio for superior sound quality.

Orange Studio is the largest music production studio in the South Island. It attracts musicians and audio engineers who are after acoustically treated rooms for recordings with superior sound quality.

Their studio was being built inside an existing commercial warehouse with a total of four isolation recording areas and two control rooms.

Orange Studio wanted an acoustic panel that would soak up some of the reverberation in the room but without "sucking all the life out" of the sound.

Together the solution found was to hang Mammoth® 35-75 panel absorber from the ceiling. Having space between the panel and ceiling, rather than direct fix, added to the result meaning it absorbs the lower frequencies as opposed to just the higher frequencies. The panel is suspended in a perforated ply frame with the back of the product exposed to any reflected sound from the ceiling and the front slightly curved to diffuse the reflected sound. In addition some relocatable panels have been framed which gives staff some flexibility on placement.

The studio really nailed it, with Marshall Day testing of the rooms producing an excellent result. The response from high to low frequencies is very even. Orange Studio now has the reputation of having arguably the best room in the country for recording drums.