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The new MIT Technology Park Centre and Mammoth

ASC Architects worked with Mammoth insulation team on this new centre of excellence

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) is creating a new 9000m2 centre of excellence for MIT engineering and trades education in South Auckland. MIT TechPark will be a large two-storey purpose-built facility with the latest technology and innovations, including offices and teaching spaces for the various courses of MIT. MIT TechPark will bring all the institute’s trades and engineering schools under one roof for the first time since MIT was founded almost 50 years ago.

MIT and ASC Architects called on the Mammoth® team to supply a cost effective insulation product that would also provide acoustic properties with an acceptable visual finish. The Mammoth team specified the best product for the job - Mammoth 35-50 Black Panel Absorber.

Early engagement with the head contractor and architect allowed the team to ensure the right product and install instructions were put in place at the beginning of the project, which was advantageous as the project was disrupted by the COVID-19 shutdown.

The acoustic performance of the insulation was paramount but it still had to have a tidy and modern visual finish. With 8 metre high ceilings, over 4,500m2 of Mammoth black panel absorber, supported by mesh, was installed by the Smart Energy Solutions (now Brightr) team.

As the building isn’t at lock up stage, the team needed to keep the skylights clear while stopping birds from being able to access the cavity above. The team installed sections of the black panel absorber around the skylight edges to solve the problem.

The Mammoth team are extremely pleased with the results as it will reflect the modern and innovative design of the building once it’s completed.