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66 Reads Quay, Gisborne

Mammoth insulation helped with the design, acoustics & energy efficiency of this beautifully restored Gisborne building.

Gisborne66 Reads Quay 3

Gisborne based Architects 44 Limited recently restored an historic industrial building at 66 Reads Quay, located on the riverfront of the CBD.

The building was completely redesigned but many of the original elements were kept to help create a modern and functional office space. The new materials and spaces contrast with the rich textural elements of the original building, including the light and dark, open and closed designs.

Mammoth® insulation was used throughout and the open plan work area incorporates extensive acoustic treatments for the break out booths and the customised pure black insulation panels left exposed between the rafters of the skillion roof.

The building captures what the architects envisioned, and the team, led by architect Dan King, recently won a 2020 NZIA award which is testament to their design.

“We aimed to develop a building that would nurture positive and productive interactions, and we are told by the client that it is doing just this. A building that resonates with and nurtures its people is a building that will be cherished and maintained. Our redevelopment of this building has ensured its future and the preservation of a piece of history.” Architects 44 Limited