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St Kilda Residential Development

Mammoth - the only option for all homes in the energy efficient St Kilda Development

The Principals of the Development

The St Kilda residential development near Cambridge was built with a unique vision, in a semi-rural setting with surrounding wetlands and a commitment to energy efficient design.

The large family homes within the project employed smart design and energy saving features to keep the running costs and environmental impact low.

The design guidelines for the development take into account north-orientation, cross flow ventilation, heat sinks, solar control and above code levels of Mammoth ceiling and wall insulation.

Why Mammoth?

Developers Matt and Nikki Smith had a focus on both the internal and external environment with their development of the St Kilda project. Set among stunning wetlands, their focus was to ensure the sustainability and energy efficiency of the homes in the project was paramount.

The selection of Mammoth Polyester Insulation was driven by Sustainability, Life-time Cost and Health considerations.  See the infographic explaining their selection here.

"All residential dwellings within the St Kilda development must use Mammoth polyester insulation as it is 100% recyclable, manufactured by InZone Industries, a carboNZero certified organization, certified ‘Red List Free’ under Declare programme and Mammoth airlay wall products were independently tested and achieved higher construction R-values."
St Kilda Design and Building Guidelines

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