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Whangarei Boys High

Even teenage amateurs can install well with Mammoth Wall sections

The Background

When the Common Room at Whangarei Boys High School was being renovated the students got hands-on to install polyester Mammoth Wall Sections.

The exercise is a demonstration of how inexperienced teenagers were able to achieve a high quality installation thanks to the unique properties of Mammoth Airlay Wall Sections. 

3 criteria for high-performing wall installation

  1. Insulation touches all six faces for complete contact without air pockets. Sits flush and square between nogs and studs.
  2. Friction fit pads must be self-supporting without the use of any staples which create a degree of compression.
  3. Wall insulation should have no visible folds or creases.
Thermal Wall

The Results

Mammoth Airlay Sections are easy to work with and lend themselves to a superior install.

Airlay Sections have a unique springy quality that lets it squeeze into position and be self supporting so the students weren't using staples or other fixings around the wall cables.

Cut to size, the sections had a snug fit and a smooth seamless surface - creases and gaps compromise the thermal efficiency of the wall.

The students did an excellent job - a few small adjustments removed even the little gaps in the corners.

Using a lower density polyester or fibreglass blanket, even installed by professionals, would struggle to achieve as good a result.

Mammoth® is a registered trade mark of InZone Industries Limited.

Wbhs 3

Cut to Size

Using an insulation saw the students cut the sections to size and simply squeezed them into the wall cavities.

Safe to Handle

The polyester in Mammoth insulation is similar to that used in duvets and pillows. Being non-irritant there was no need for the students to wear face masks or gloves.