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The latest on Mammoth Modern Insulation team's services during the pandemic to help create warm, healthy homes and buildings over winter.


As we prepare for our factory shut down, we just wanted to provide an update on what you can expect from us over the coming period and to find out what you need from us. Most importantly: if your business has been categorised as “essential”, please contact us immediately to arrange supply options.

Prior to the Level 4 shutdown we had already taken steps to prepare for the continuity of our supply and the continuity of our support.

  • We continue to closely manage our shipments of stock and finished goods and secured alternative shipping options where required. The Level 4 shutdown supports rather than detracts from the supply flow.
  • We have built up some stocks of finished insulation products.
  • Our Customer Service and Business Development team members are working from home and can be contacted on usual phone numbers/email addresses.
  • We have retained all staff at this point and are supporting our manufacturing team through the shutdown period so that we can switch back on the moment Milton or South Auckland are lifted out of Alert level 4.

This exceptional time highlights the need for warm, dry healthy homes and work spaces and we will continue to support you through this challenging trading environment.

If you have any concerns further to this email please feel free to contact your Mammoth Business Development Manager even through the COVID-19 shutdown.

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