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The Martini dECO Decorative Acoustic Range

Get to know the new range of Decorative Acoustic products from Mammoth®

Introducing the Martini dECO Range

The Martini dECO range of decorative acoustic products is now available in New Zealand distributed by Mammoth® Modern Insulation.

Manufactured by CSRMartini in Australia, the dECO acoustic products are 100% polyester and, like Mammoth, are Declare Red List Free.

For architects and designers the Martini dECO acoustic solutions give design freedom as there is an extensive range of products with either coloured facings or which are capable of being wrapped in fabric to create visually compelling working and education environments.

The Martini dECO acoustic range has products suitable for most commercial and public building applications including interior wall and ceiling paneling, workstation partitions and pin boards in spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, theaters, restaurants, libraries, classrooms, sports halls and auditoriums.

The team at Mammoth look forward to working with you to bring more diversity and flexibility to decorative acoustic solutions in New Zealand. For more information call 0800 MAMMOTH or Contact Us for information or samples via our online form.

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Martini dECO Flex

An acoustic wall covering for offices, public spaces and classrooms in 17 colours.


Martini dECO Deluxe

A high-density acoustic panel for sound control in 24 & 48 mm (black or white) or 12 mm (6 colours).


Martini dECO Quiet Panel

High performance panels faced in one of 17 colours.


Martini dECO Quiet Board

A high performance un-faced board in black or white.