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Trade Innovations and High Performer Buildings

Trade Innovations and High Performer Buildings

Trade Innovations work closely with builders, designers, architects, developers to change how we build in NZ and to deliver what they call a High Performer Building.

A High Performer Building combines select innovative and premium products to create smarter building structures, and raise the standards for excellence within the NZ building industry.

High Performer Building is about combined benefits that deliver better performance in the key areas of the building around:

  • Strength
  • Thermal performance
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Aesthetic
  • Sustainability
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Mammoth® Modern Insulation is a High Performer Product

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Mammoth® Modern Insulation is a new generation of polyester insulation which helps create warmer, drier, healthier buildings.

Manufactured in New Zealand from 100% polyester, including the fibres from recycled plastic bottles, Mammoth insulation is non-toxic and non-irritant. Mammoth airlay insulation segments have a natural spring-back aspect, meaning it can be installed under-floor without the need for staples or strapping, and in walls without gaps, tucks or creases.

The effectiveness of the friction-fit means a more energy efficient building - costing less to heat and cool. Independent testing of wall systems including Mammoth airlay insulation have outperformed the construction (system) R-values in the BRANZ House Insulation Guide.

Made to last, correctly-installed Mammoth insulation will perform for at least 50 years, giving you the confidence of an energy efficient and healthy home for years to come.

What Trade Innovations like best about Mammoth

  • Easy to install correctly so it actually performs like they say it does.
  • Even in 50 years it’ll still work like the day it was installed.
  • Simple to install, maintaining consistent thickness and self supports resulting in better thermal performance.
  • Absorbs no moisture and is backed by a 50-year Manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 100% polyester, free of glues, binders, formaldehyde and pesticides.
  • The modern, safe insulation option.
  • Manufactured in a near zero-waste production process and is fully recyclable.
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Other High Performer Building Products

Sideby Side House Comparison

Allied Concrete - high performance slab systems

J Frame - engineered timber

Maglok - fire and water resistant flooring

SoundDown - acoustic rated floor systems

USG Boral Plasterboard - solution driven lining systems

Hydrapanel - high performance linings

BGC - premium fibre cement

The Roofing Store - architectural roofing and cladding

DeckChair - adjustable deck joist

For a full presentation on Higher Performer Building and associated products visit the High Performer Building website.


Mammoth® Modern Insulation
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