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History of Mammoth

Mammoth Modern Insulation was first produced by InsulPro Manufacturing in 2012


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InZone Industries Ltd was formed following the merger in 2012 of InsulPro Manufacturing and Brightr (previously Smart Energy Solutions).

InsulPro Manufacturing Ltd was founded in the 1990s by Paul Vujcich and Godfrey Hall who were the pioneers of polyester insulation in New Zealand. 

Having worked in the construction industry and knowing the chemicals used in traditional insulation and the difficulty in their installation, they believed there had to be a better solution for healthier buildings. The answer they found was in the thermal bonding of polyester fibres, primarily made from recycled plastic bottles, to create a polyester insulation product.

Made from the same sort of polyester used in pillows and sleeping bags, this new material had none of the itchiness of fibreglass. Its unique heat-welding manufacturing process required no glues, the component in traditional products that often contains formaldehyde and can break down over time. Rolling out like a big blanket over a ceiling, it not only prevented heat leakage through joists but was extremely easy to install. 

Together with other founding shareholders, the two men formed the company InsulPro and bought a manufacturing plant in Milton in the South Island and, a little later, installed a modern purpose-built plant in Auckland. The range of insulation products was branded under the NOVA series. Since then constantly rising demand for polyester products for both residential and commercial applications have been met with ongoing investment in R&D and greater production capacity. 

Innovative insulation products are now manufactured, including acoustic and thermal insulation, and high-density segments which are friction-fitted between floor joists without needing to drive staples near unseen electric wiring - reducing the risk of electrocution for installers. 

  • In 2010 InsulPro partnered with Maui Capital to allow for future growth in the residential and commercial markets.
  • In 2012 InsulPro started to rebrand the NOVA series of insulation products to Mammoth® Modern Insulation.
  • In 2013 InsulPro merged with Smart Energy Solutions (now called Brightr) under the umbrella company of InZone Industries Limited and continues to grow and be one of the largest polyester insulation manufacturing companies in the country.
  • In 2015 InsulPro Manufacturing Ltd, the manufacturer of Mammoth Insulation, became carboNZero certified.
  • In 2019 InsulPro Manufacturing was amalgamated under InZone Industries Limited.