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Whether you're building a new home or doing a renovation, Mammoth makes it easy.

The easy, safer option for builders, Mammoth® insulation creates warmer, healthier homes for families while creating easier, healthier work environments for builders.

  • It's soft, non-itch and non-toxic so no need for protective gear like gloves, face-masks and overalls. With no gloves required, handling the product is easier.
  • Polyester is not a potential food source so it has no pesticides either.
  • Wall and underfloor sections require no straps or staples (no risk of electrocution).
  • You can maximise thermal performance with a smooth finish without bunching, creases or folds.
  • Your customers will be happier with less toxins in their home and long-lasting effectiveness that carries a 50 year warranty when correctly installed and adequately protected.
  • There's a Mammoth product suitable for every new build or retrofit insulation project.
  • BRANZ Appraised - Mammoth meets the required provisions of the New Zealand Building Code. Download our BRANZ Appraisal (No. 797) and BRANZ Appraisal (No. 802).
  • You can order the complete Mammoth range through your local building supplies merchant or to find out more Meet a Mammoth Rep.
  • Read more about our commitment to sustainability and our zero waste manufacturing processes to help our planet.
10 Star Skillion Ceiling Sections LR

Mammoth services for the building trade

  • we can visit your business or building site to show you the product
  • we can quote off plans (both new build and existing) so you know exactly what to order
  • we can measure and quote on-site
  • we can provide a complete Mammoth Install Service using our trained, professional installers and auditors.

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