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Non-irritant and long-lasting, Mammoth polyester insulation is ideal for DIY.

Mammoth is easy and safe to install yourself.

Mammoth® polyester insulation is a great option for DIY insulation installers since the product is non-toxic and non-irritant. Unlike traditional insulation, you do not need protective clothing, gloves and face masks to handle Mammoth insulation.

Steps to install Mammoth Insulation

  1. Choose the right product type for the area you want to insulate. View our Product Range for ceiling, wall and underfloor options. If you need further technical information, click here to view the Mammoth product datasheets.
  2. Select the appropriate product R-value for your climate zone.
  3. Measure the joist widths to accurately order the correct sized wall and underfloor products. It pays to check all joist spacings as many homes have varying joist widths. 
  4. Calculate the number of square metres you require for each area you wish to insulate.
  5. Carefully read the installation instructions. Every product pack comes with the installation and fitting instructions. Alternatively, you can download them here. Getting it right matters, so please ensure you carefully read the instructions as they outline all recommended tools, cutting instructions, clearances and any hazards you may come across.

Would prefer someone else install it after all?

That's not a problem, we have a supply and/or install service for Mammoth insulation and more. 

Why choose Mammoth?

Read more about our commitment to sustainability and our zero waste manufacturing processes to help our planet.

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