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Make your home warmer, healthier and more energy efficient with Mammoth.


Whether you’re building new or wanting to retrofit insulation into your existing home, we’ve got a Mammoth® insulation product to suit.  Mammoth's thermal insulation is a non-toxic, non-irritant 100% polyester insulation for your home's ceiling and underfloor.  

Mammoth thermal insulation improves the health, warmth and energy efficiency of all homes & buildings, and is a long-lasting solution that won't deteriorate or sag.

Mammoth polyester insulation helps create a high performance thermal envelope for homes and buildings so they are warmer and more energy efficient.

Thermal insulation of homes and buildings is mandated in the building code for new construction and, for existing homes, is compulsory for rental properties and extremely highly recommended for every other home to make them warmer and healthier.


A well-insulated home is a warmer home that saves on energy use and improves the health of New Zealanders. Mammoth home insulation delivers three core benefits:

  • Comfort - Insulation prevents heat loss from your home in winter as well as from overheating in summer from the sun on your roof.
  • Health - A study by the Wellington School of Medicine confirmed that people who live in insulated homes are healthier.  
  • Energy efficiency - Most New Zealand homes need heating in winter and by limiting that heat loss you spend less money to be warm.
Warm By The Fire


Mammoth is the modern option in home insulation with a soft, friendly-fibre. It's the same material that is used in household duvets and pillows.

Unlike traditional fibreglass insulation, Mammoth polyester insulation is free of glues, binders, formaldehyde and pesticides. We even use fibres from recycled plastic bottles and so you'll be able to feel good in your warmer, healthier home knowing that you've reduced the planet's landfills.

Mammoth is non-itch insulation so you don't need to wear gloves, goggles and coveralls just to handle it, it's moisture resistant, won't sag and is backed by a 50 year Manufacturer's warranty.

Install it yourself or have it installed by a professional installer - we can help arrange that.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability and our zero waste manufacturing processes to help our planet.

Download our Mammoth Retrofit brochure for more information on our solutions for your home.


    Finance and funding options available for homeowners

    If you have an accessible roof space and/or underfloor, installing insulation is surprisingly easy and has an immediate effect on how comfortable your home is in both winter and summer.  

    Insulation has such a positive effect on health that the New Zealand Government offers home insulation subsidies to help eligible homeowners retrofit insulation into their home. There are also a number of finance options we can discuss with you, including a 24 month interest-free offer, what some councils offer by letting you pay off your insulation via your regular council rates payments, and other payment options.

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