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From Waste to Warmth

For our Mammoth Modern Insulation, we source the best polyester fibres. An optimal blend of fibres for each product is created from a mixture of highly technical fibres for extra performance, recycled fibres for sustainability, and bi-component fibres for bonding.

The Mammoth® thermal and acoustic insulation range is made from 100% polyester fibre.  We take fibre made from plastic bottles, which would otherwise be waste, and manufacture the fibre from the bottles into polyester insulation that creates warmer, healthier homes and buildings. 

Polyester is made from a substance called PET, which is what plastic bottles are made from. Another benefit is that PET can easily be recycled. Plastic bottles made from PET can be washed and ground up into flakes, heated and then extruded into polyester fibre. 

For example with our ceiling product, the fibres are blended to create a blanket of fibres. We have different technologies to achieve this. The blanket then passes into a thermo bonding oven where hot air is blown through it. This melts the outside sheath of the bi-component fibre which then bonds the remaining fibres in the matrix together. Rollers inside the oven also control the product density and thickness. After cooling and leaving the oven, the product is then cut to size, weighed, vacuum packed and labelled.

Our airlay sections are manufactured using a different process, whereby the fibres are randomised rather than layered. This provides for differing structural properties of the product, enabling it to be friction fitted within a cavity by simply squeezing it in place. This friction fit enables a smooth, seamless installation which maximises thermal performance.  So confident about it's performance, we had it independently tested. Click here to view the full report.