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Waste to Warmth - carboNZero manufacturing

For our Mammoth Modern Insulation, we source the best polyester fibres and take recycled fibre from plastic bottles which would otherwise end up in landfill as waste and manufacture it into polyester insulation.

An optimal blend of fibres for each product is created from a mixture of highly technical fibres for extra performance, recycled fibres for sustainability, and bi-component fibres for bonding.

Mammoth polyester insulation creates warmer, healthier homes and buildings. Made by NZ's first and only Toitū net carbonzero certified insulation manufacturing company, everything from packaging to product is recyclable at the end of its life.

4 step process

Mammoth insulation - made from recycled plastic bottles

Mammoth's thermal and acoustic insulation is made from 100% polyester and uses up to 15,600 recycled plastic bottles per 100 sqm*.

Most of our Mammoth products are Environmental Choice NZ certified, with 60% of the raw material used being made from fibre manufactured out of recycled PET bottles.

Our commitment to sustainability is paramount to us and incorporated in the way we operate the business, our manufacturing processes and the way we help our customers create warmer, healthier, more energy efficient environments - all while protecting the largest environment of all, our planet.


Working to create a circular economy in a world of polyester insulation

As a zero waste manufacturer:

  • our Mammoth product is NZ made.
  • we ensure that by design, everything we send to market can be recycled - from product to packaging.
  • we can take back and recycle any offcuts (see our TakeBack Scheme).
  • we manufacture Mammoth 100% polyester insulation products which have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of zero, meaning no ozone depleting substances are present in the product or used in direct manufacture of the product.
  • practice continuous improvement and adoption of a 'reduce, reuse, recycle' philosophy in our fibre product manufacturing processes.
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Our Airlay and Carded product manufacturing process

Our 2 New Zealand manufacturing plants produce a range of products - our softer blanket form, rigid friction fit segments and acoustic panels.

Airlay manufacturing

Our Airlay sections are manufactured with technology where the fibres are blended together, and then under air pressure, there is a transfer process that blows all of the fibre into a randomised composition rather than a layered effect (as the carded product would deliver). This provides structural properties of the product which enable it to be friction fitted within a cavity by simply squeezing it in place. This friction fit enables a smooth, seamless installation which maximises thermal performance. So confident about it's performance, we had it independently tested. Click here to view the full report.

Carded manufacturing

Our blanket products are made when the fibres are blended, carded and formed into a web which is then layered to create a loft (blanket) of fibres. This is then heated and compressed to the required weight and performance of our product range(s). When we heat the product it is passed through an oven where hot air is circulated and activates a thermo bonding process. This melts the outside sheath of the bi-component fibre which then bonds the fibres together. Compression inside the oven controls the product density and thickness, which is then cooled. The product is then cut to specification, weighed, vacuum packed and labelled.

Our takeback scheme helps reduce waste

We offer a takeback scheme for all products and packaging across the country to reduce waste.

Our insulation product is completely recyclable and the product must be uncontaminated and returned to our branch for recycling. The manufacturer of our product is zero waste.

We take clean offcuts back from the market and recycle them back into product. All plastics are baled and returned for recycling. We run it through a purpose built reclaim line where it reopens it back into a fibre form and we use this product as post-consumer recycled fibre.

Our takeback process includes:

  • Initial contact - customer provides details and photos for product and/or packaging to be recycled.
  • Approval - Mammoth to confirm if the customer’s product can be recycled, and if so, a time is booked for the product to be returned.
  • Inspection - product must be clean and bagged into clear bags for us to safely recycle.
  • Record - we must keep records of the weight we received and type of product being returned to recycle.
  • Reclaim - once we have processed this, we keep a record of the amount of product we reclaim.
  • Product read for use - all of our recycled product types and weights are recorded into our raw materials stock ready for us to use in new product production.

How we reduce carbon emissions

Our commitment to climate change / emission reduction includes:

  • We have carboNZero accreditation - in fact, we are the first and only Toitū net carbonzero certified insulation manufacturing company in NZ.
  • We follow science. By this we mean that we measure, report and reduce emissions by identifying the ways we can reduce or eliminate carbon emissions. This covers all emissions from our manufacturing and distribution process. 
  • Mammoth offset any carbon emissions produced from the manufacturing and transport or supply chain stages so when it is delivered to the customer, they can be confident they’ve selected a product where we have offset all emissions produced from manufacture to delivery.
  • Most Mammoth products have Environmental Choice certification.
  • The required product ranges are BRANZ appraised.

How we add value through service & support

As part of InZone Industries Ltd, Mammoth Modern Insulation can offer unparalleled service. These services include:

  • Three production locations providing improved logistical support.
  • We offer a delivery service to site from our 3 warehouses.
  • A nationwide installation network capable of installing both polyester & glasswool.
  • Product information on Mammoth webpages, and industry publications including MasterSpec, MiProducts, ProductSpec and SmartSpec.
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