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Airlay Polyester Wall Insulation Sections

High performance, self-supporting polyester wall insulation sections.


Mammoth™ Airlay Wall Insulation Sections are self-supporting wall insulation sections that squeeze in between wall cavities for a high-performance friction fit - no staples or strap required. Mammoth Wall Sections provide both thermal and acoustic benefits for homes and buildings.


Mammoth™ Polyester Wall Sections are semi-rigid insulation designed to be friction fitted into the wall cavity, creating a seamless, smooth fit without tucks, creases or gaps. This supports higher thermal performance. Mammoth Wall Sections are made on New Zealand's only Airlay Insulation plant - accept no substitutes.




  • All Mammoth™ products are Red List Free - International Living Future Institute.
  • Manufactured within a carboNZero certified organisation.
  • Mammoth products contain recycled polyester fibres. The recycled fibre used by
    Mammoth comes from recycled PET plastic.
  • Recycling plastic protects the environment by keeping the carbon content locked up in the
    polyester fibre and reducing landfill waste.
  • Mammoth products are made in a near zero waste production process and are fully
  • Many Mammoth products are also Environmental Choice certified.
  • Mammoth insulation products manufactured from 100% polyester have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of zero, meaning no ozone depleting substances are present in the product or used in direct manufacture of the product.



Traditional carded polyester insulation layers the fibres whereas the more randomised nature of Airlay insulation means it has structural properties that support higher performance.

Mammoth Wall Sections are produced on Australasia's only Airlay insulation plant with properties that supports superior installation and construction R-values.

Mammoth Ceiling Blanket is produced on our carded insulation plants but Mammoth Wall & Underfloor Sections are produced on an Airlay plant.

The randomised nature of the polyester fibres in Mammoth's Airlay insulation means it has structural properties that allow it to be self-supporting in walls as well as underfloors.

Airlay insulation can be squeezed into position to create a snug high-performance installation without the creases, folds or gaps that reduce thermal effectiveness.

The nature of insulation produced on the Airlay plant is different to traditional polyester or fibreglass insulation and so was believed to perform exceptionally well in wall and underfloor systems. To prove and document the performance of Mammoth Airlay insulation, New Zealand’s leading building research laboratory was commissioned to undertake comprehensive independent insitu testing using heat flux transducers and associated software.

The test results showed that for the tested wall construction systems, featuring Mammoth Airlay insulation, exceeded the R-value of equivalent systems in the BRANZ House Insulation Guide.

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