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Specifying Mammoth polyester insulation products for your customers is easy and assured.

Mammoth® polyester insulation is a long-lasting, high-performance material that is used extensively in New Zealand in new and existing residential and commercial properties.  

Mammoth insulation is a well-established brand in New Zealand and is manufactured by InZone Industries Ltd.

10 reasons to specify Mammoth Insulation with confidence

  1. Declare - Red List Free - Mammoth is a safe non-irritant product being both non-itch and non-toxic. Mammoth has no formaldehyde, glues, resins or pesticides added. We have Declare labeling that shows our products are Red List Free.
  2. BRANZ Appraised - All Mammoth thermal blankets, wall and underfloor sections are BRANZ Appraised.
  3. Environmental Choice - Many Mammoth products carry Environmental Choice’s certification. More details at 
  4. Recycled & Recyclable - Mammoth products are made from polyester with including fibres being from recycled plastic bottles. All waste product from manufacturing is put back into the process and can be reused. 
  5. carboNZero Certified Manufacturer - Mammoth Insulation is manufactured in New Zealand by InZone Industries Ltd (previously InsulPro Manufacturing Ltd) at its plants in Auckland and Milton.  InZone Industries is proudly a carboNZero certified organisation.
  6. Airlay for a better fit - Mammoth has the only Airlay insulation in New Zealand. It's designed to assist high-quality installation devoid of folds, creases and gaps so that the product’s thermal performance is not compromised.
  7. 50 Year Warranty - Mammoth Insulation will not slump or degrade. With no added chemicals to break down over time, Mammoth gives assured long-lasting performance for 50 years when installed correctly.
  8. Smartspec, MasterSpec & Product Spec - Specification of Mammoth products is easy with full product details readily available on the latest SmartSpec specification tool as well as on MasterSpec and ProductSpec.
  9. Download our installation guidelines, brochures and more - We have a range of technical and reading material available here.
  10. Nationwide Installers - Mammoth has a national sales team as well as a national installer network
  11. Free H1 Calculations - Specify Mammoth in your new residential or commercial project and we'll prepare free H1 calculations for you.

Join the network of architects and designers who have been won-over by the superior benefits of Mammoth Modern Insulation.

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Feedback from Architects

“Thanks so much for coming out yesterday – it was great to learn more about your product. I have not encountered the level of service you offer from any other insulation supplier, and I believe that good service still goes a long way in the market place. I pitched your product to a current client this morning for their proposed beach house at Coromandel, and you will be pleased to know that they unreservedly agreed to it. So I will be specifying it on the drawings and advising you of the builder as soon as one is confirmed.” Kathy Torkington, Personality Plans

“Done and dusted in 5 hours! Good to use, no dust in the eyes. Way easier and less itchy than a glass batt.” Daniel King, Architects 44 (re self-install of Mammoth underfloor sections)

“My son (11) and I spent a few hours under the house on Saturday, and he had another go yesterday afternoon. In short I think I would have to say it was child’s play. Very simple, quick and no mess, compared to the mess of Expol I have under the house from the sections I have done before. Got half the house done in a few hours, compared to the day of swearing and cursing with the ¼ of the house I did with Expol.” James Blackburne, Architects 44 (re: Mammoth Multi under floor)

“The installation of the product was very straightforward. Having worked with mostly fibre glass bats and blanket intermittently for over the last thirty years - I can say this was easily the most user friendly insulation product and the easiest & quickest to install. Working at a slow and steady pace, I had the 4 bales of Multi in place under the floor within 3 hours, including time for a coffee break as well as set up and clean up! (some assistance from my 12 year old who enjoyed the experience of crawling around under the floor more than I did!). The product is excellent - sized accurately for good friction fit, no irritation or dust and a consistently neat and tidy installation. I have great confidence in recommending the product to our clients and specifying it on our projects.” Peter Beaumont, Director, Bell Kelly Beaumont Team Architects Ltd


Mammoth® Modern Insulation
Manufactured by InZone Industries Ltd
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