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Mammoth - a Sustainable Choice

Our business is underpinned by a philosophy of creating better environments which extends to more than just the product we manufacture.


  • All Mammoth™ products are Red List Free - International Living Future Institute.
  • Manufactured within a carboNZero certified organisation.
  • Mammoth products contain recycled polyester fibres. The recycled fibre used by
    Mammoth comes from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Recycling plastic protects the environment by keeping the carbon content locked up in the
    polyester fibre and reducing landfill waste.
  • Mammoth products are made in a near zero waste production process and are fully
  • R2.5 Wall Sections & R2.6 Wall Blankets are Environmental Choice certified.
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Our business is underpinned by a philosophy of creating better environments which extends to more than just the products we manufacture. It incorporates the way we operate the business, our manufacturing processes and the way we help our customers create warmer, healthier more energy efficient environments - all while protecting the largest environment of all, our planet.

We have proudly been awarded the World’s first insulation manufacturer to be carboNZero certified.

We feel it is important to consider the environment in all facets of our business and so measuring and monitoring our impact is the only way to understand how we can improve. Our measured carbon emissions will be offset, monitored and continually reduced through a variety of smarter business practices. We can also boast that all our Mammoth polyester insulation products are Red List Free.


The Living Building Challenge™ developed a Red List of prohibited materials under the Declare Programme to provide transparency around the building products. Declare is a ‘nutrition label’ for the international building industry and is a voluntary self-disclosure programme aiming for healthier and more ecological products in construction. Red List Free products are shown to be free from Declare’s red list of ingredients.

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Environmental Choice is the official environmental labelling programme. This programme, which commenced in 1992, operates independently from the government but the label is government owned and endorsed. Since 1992, the government has financially supported the scheme, both directly and indirectly. The following Mammoth products have Environmental Choice certification:

  • R2.5 Mammoth Wall Sections
  • R2.6 Mammoth Wall Blanket 140mm
  • R2.8 Mammoth Wall Sections 140mm
  • R3.0 Mammoth Wall Sections 140mm
  • R3.6 Mammoth Wall Blankets
  • R4.0 Mammoth Wall Blankets
  • R1.5 Mammoth Underfloor Blankets
  • R1.8 Mammoth Underfloor Blankets
  • R1.4 Mammoth NOVAfloor
  • R1.8 Mammoth Multi Underfloor Sections
  • R1.9 Mammoth Multi Underfloor Sections



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