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Ceiling Insulation Benefits

Mammoth® ceiling insulation is a long lasting 100% polyester insulation made in NZ. It is non-irritant, non-toxic and is warranted not to sag over time so to keep your home warmer and more energy efficient for longer.

Mammoth products contain recycled polyester fibres. Mammoth ceiling insulation products use up to 9,300 recycled plastic bottles per 100sqm. (Calculations are based on 500ml PET Bottles (16.2g).

Ceiling insulation contributes to the energy efficiency, health, sustainability and comfort of your home by preventing heat loss through your roof in winter and reducing heat gain in summer. Heat rises and it's estimated that 30-35% of heat loss from an uninsulated house is through your ceiling. 

Your roof cavity is therefore the best place to start when adding insulation to your home. Insulation ability is measured in R-Values and minimum R-values for insulation are specified in the Building Code.

Mammoth has two options for insulating your ceiling depending on the type of roof you have:

  • Mammoth Ceiling Blanket is suitable for installation in homes with a pitched roof and an accessible ceiling space.
  • Mammoth Skillion Sections are designed for ceilings where there is little or no roof space.

What are the new Building Code changes?

The NZ Building code has recently changed to:

  • replace the existing climate zones from 3 to 6 so new homes can be better designed and built based on the climate they're in, and
  • increase the minimum R-value of ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation.

What does this mean for Ceiling Insulation?

There will be an increase of a minimum value of R6.6 across all 6 new climate zones. This can be achieved by double layering ceiling products in trussed roofs and roofs with a cavity space. Mammoth already has a number of double layer options available that meet the new requirements. Read more about the Building Code changes here.

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