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High performance, long-lasting, moisture resistant insulation that won't sag.

Wall Insulation Benefits

High performance, long-lasting, moisture resistant insulation that won't sag, Mammoth® Wall Insulation is available in three formats to help create a warmer, drier homes and buildings.

  • Sections are semi-rigid polyester insulation that is friction fitted between studs. Mammoth airlay wall sections are self-supporting and contribute to a superior installation without gaps, creases, folds or compression. Proven to maximise it's thermal performance and outperform (on tested wall sections)
  • Blanket rolls are lofted polyester insulation that is stapled to the top dwang to fit snugly between wall studs. 
  • Masonry wall is high density insulation sections for masonry lined homes within a frame or strapping system to increase thermal performance.

Mammoth products contain recycled polyester fibres. Mammoth wall insulation products use up to 15,600 recycled plastic bottles per 100sqm. (Calculations are based on 500ml PET Bottles (16.2g).

Designed to work in conjunction with the building systems of existing and new homes, Mammoth wall insulation provides effective, durable and reliable insulation that you can be assured works for at least 50 years.

What are the new Building Code changes?

The NZ Building code has recently changed to:

  1. replace the existing climate zones from 3 to 6 so new homes can be better designed and built based on the climate they're in, and
  2. increase the minimum R-value of ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation.

What does this mean for Wall Insulation?

There is almost no change to the current R2.0 that is currently called for. Read more about the Building Code changes here.

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